710 Life E Nail

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710 Life eNail for Concentrates & Essential Oils AKA 420 Life enail
by 420 Life

Our compact portable enail makes dabbing much easier

Electronic enails maintain constant even adjustable temperature
preserving your oils flavors and medicinal qualities

  • avoid running out of gas, or worse having a torch leak and explode on you!
  • avoid overheating your concentrates
  • evenly heat the entire nail with our electronic enail , instead of a hot spot with a torch.
  • avoid burning your concentrates (saves you money)
  • avoid drawing attention to your with a big torch
  • The discrete 710 Life E Nail / D Nail is the perfect tool to heat your concentrate to its perfect medical temperature
  • Simply turn switch on, set desired temperature with the up/down arrows and enjoy!
  • includes grade 2 titanium 14 /19 mm male & female E-Nail Nail for 20mm Enail Coil
  • Fully adjustable temps range from 50°F- 1200°F (Use the up arrow & down arrow only to adjust temps)
  • Extra long heater coil (5 ft.) and power cord (5ft.)
  • on board memory remembers your perfect temp so every time you turn our enail on, it heats to YOUR EXACT liking.  unlike the other brands that make you program a temp everytime 🙁

With the 710 Life E Nail for Concentrates & Essential Oils you will never have to run out of gas again.  No more drawing negative attention that torches bring.  No more overheated nails! No more hot spots on your nail from the torch!  Evenly heat your nail with our exclusive enail & coil designed exclusively for the 710 420 lifestyle.  There is no better way to enjoy you herbal concentrates than with an enail.  E nails eliminate butane residue that heating with torches causes.  Our coil heats up in just a couple minutes you will be dabbing away and having a great time with your new medical device.  If you are tired of burning yourself with torches, having people look at you funny, running out of gas right when the party is kickin off.  Well NEVER again when you with our enail.  Enails are the future… fast, clean, reliable hot nail when you want, all at the flip of a switch. Get your e-nail today!

What is the best thing about the 710 Life e-Nail? Every unit is exactly the same. With your new eNail, be assured that the wiring is soldered and shrink wrapped on the Solid State Relays and XLR connections. No need to worry about if something goes wrong with your 710 Life e Nail, our customer service is the best you can find. The e nail is the future for heating your nail.  Ask anyone who owns an e-nail and they will tell you how much better it is.  The simplicity of an e nail with dialed in temps that only can be done with an electronic nail (e-nail). Dabbing with our enail will bring a new sense of flavor and appreciation for your concentrates.  Precision temperature control is our key feature.  The ability to dial in the temp that you want with our enail will ensure that you have the hit the way you want!  Higher temps vaporize the oils instantly while lower temps bring out the flavors of your concentrates.  There is a reason why enails were invented and that is because of precision temps.  When you use a torch  you never know the exact temp of your nail, but with an enail you know everytime!

This unit is designed only for essential oils for aromatherapy. You can just dial the temperature of your choice! With lower temperatures for proper aromatic affect as well as to avoid overheating or burning the oils delicate aromatics. Simply snap in the quick-disconnect heater coil and turn on the power switch and the unit will heat up to your pre-programmed temperature. Everything is included in this complete kit!

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    OMG the best ever!

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Simply plug it in, plug in the coil, turn switch on,  and set desired temperature with the up/down arrows and enjoy!