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Welcome to Kush Clean – Ultra Soaker
No Scrubbing, Non Shaking, No Hassle ReUsable Glass Pipe & Bong Cleaner

Is your glass Kush Clean? Our exclusive glass cleaning formulation was designed to cut through Tar & Resin from both Concentrates and Herbal Blends build-up. Powerful concentrated natural ingredient based cleaner get to cutting through the grime with ease, leaving a sparkling clean and scratch free piece of glass. Do you wish you pipe or bong were like new again? Kush Clean is simple to use and was designed with today’s sophisticated glass in mind. Our glass Pipe & Bong Cleaner has a nonabrasive formulation using a cleaning technology that protects your glass collection from tiny invisible scratches that other inferior methods and products can cause. Clean all your accessories and tools with Kush Clean. Cleaning Dabbers & Nails with ease dissolving tar and restoring the tools back to their original state

Effectiveness, Simplicity , Low Price and Eco-Friendliness!
We Re-Invented Easy Cleaning!


Why Kush Clean? Our new cleaner that actually works by simply soaking! Because you want the most for your money without compromise. Kush Clean is ReUsable – Kush Clean will clean your glass again and again and again without throwing it out! Saving your money instead of throwing it down the drain, like those other brands! Because Kush Clean is made from environmentally sustainable ingredients and is also biodegradable. Once you clean your glass pipe with Kush Clean you no longer have to taste the leftover stale resins and tars. AVOID Breaking Your EXPENSIVE Glass with other products or methods that require you to shake or use abrasives! Kush Clean’s NON ABRASIVE NO SHAKING NECESSARY Formulation just could possibly save you the headache, cleanup and cost of losing a nice piece of glass. Some of today’s glass can easily cost you over $500 or more. Take your time check out our site. We offer free samples for Smoke Shops, Tobacco and Medical Marijuana related business. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact us via email or phone. We are here for our customers and would love to hear from you. Kush Clean is a glass smoking accessory cleaner but because it is all natural and safe when used as directed. Using Kush Clean regularly to remove resins from just about anything except plastic. Beware of Gels and other Cheap imitations. We are in a unique category of cleaners being reusable soaker make us a great compliment to your cleaning regimen. Make sure your bottle of cleaner can stand up to par, make sure it has the Kush Clean label with the clean bong rising from the city’s waters. Look for our one of a kind cleaner in fine stores near you.  Kush-Clean-300x300

  • Kush Clean is a Re-usable glass cleaner created for Tar/Resin remover.
  • Kush clean can also clean nails, wax tools/dabbers, pokers, scissors, nug jars and other tools.
  • Biodegradable and safe on Glass, Metal, Ceramic and the Environment.
  • NON Abrasive, Alcohol Free, and Sanitizes & Deodorizes.
  • Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Easy to Use, Non Shake No Break Formula
  • Clean Citrus Scent so effective it leaves you, your glass and the room fresh! Not Tar Smelling.
  • Able to bring back that true shine and clean smell that only a new clean glass or Kush Clean glass cleaner can bring!
  • Not for use on plastic.

Try our glass cleaner once, and you’ll be convinced that your pipe is cleanest with our product!
Kush Clean Guarentee Box

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