Pipe Swipes ™

Pipe Swipes

Scientific Glass Sanitizer & Cleaner

Gentle, Convenient & Thorough Sanitizing Swipes!>

The industry’s 1st Non-Alcohol Based Large Sanitizing Wipes

Making Social Toking a Safer Pastime !

Pipe Swipes

  • Easily Sterilize The Mouthpiece of your favorite pipe, Water-pipe, Hookah or vaporizer
  • Quickly Wipe Clean the Bowl, outside of pipe and other parts
  • Avoid Resin & Tar from Getting on your lip & Mouth by wiping Rim, Outer and Inner Mouth Piece
  • Safe on Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, and Gentle on YOU!
  • Keeps things clean when socializing, passing, sharing!

Directions:  To lower your risk of disease Pipe Swipes May Be Used on surfaces that comes in contact with the mouth. Use on all smoking accessories surfaces to help keep the resin and Tar from accumulating. Swipe your pipe as needed.

Lower the risk of passing & Catching Contagious Disease.  Many Diseases are transmitted through saliva and touching.   Many Diseases like: Herpes, Flu Virus, hepatitis B, Mono (EBV), Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Candida, meningitis, Coxsackie virus, and many others can all be transmitted by Saliva and/or mucus.  Thoroughly Wiping Your Pipe can lower the risk of coming in contact with many forms of Contagious Disease.   A Swiped Pipe will not only look better but add to your peace of mind!

Do you share your bongs, pipes, vaporizer, E-Cigs or hookah? Like most of us, the answer is yes. Use Pipe Swipes to easily sterilize the mouthpiece or any part of your favorite Pipe, Water-Pipe, Hookah or Vaporizer. Let’s face it, being a social person usually entails be a smoker who likes to share his smoke. This behavior is friendly but carries certain risks, instead of passing with guilt, or receiving with insecurity, share with confidence! You love your friends, but not their germs and the hidden diseases such as oral herpes, the common cold and so many others. How safe is wiping off you pipe with your shirt , flicking your lighter underneath only to have to clean off the soot only to have possibly done nothing to rid your pipe of those germs. Instead use our Pipe Swipes which are designed to sanitize.

Pipe Swipes are an uniquely designed cleaning pad which enables you to keep your piece clean on the go. Pipe Swipes are easy to use and leave no odor or residue plus it dries instantly. Safe on glass, plastics and metals. Now more than ever, it is important to practice and promote healthy hygiene habits. Smoking is a favorite social past time at hooka bars, medical lounges, e-cig lounges, cigar bars, and in our homes or office. Sharing is caring so pass a clean pipe!

Unlike our competitor’s who sell you a small alcohol wipes in a nice cute packaging, We provide various ingredients designed to sanitize correctly and effectively and gentle on you! Plus ours is several times larger than our competitors who give you those tiny dinky little alcohol filled wipes – Don’t risk your health with inferior products who just slap a label on an alcohol wipe! Our product disinfects with proven ingredients to disinfect various forms of disease! Cold Sores and other diseases are not necessary for us to have, so why keep trying to catch them? Take precautions! with our Sanitizing Swipes you can feel much more assured that the job was done and done correctly. Not to mention our products not only sanitizes, but is gentle enough to wipe you skin and wont cause dry skin like others! Beware of cheap imitations that are only simple alcohol wipesBacillus cereus bacteria are resistant to killing by alcohol and have caused rare cases of disease in health care sites, the CDC report noted. The norovirus another virus scientists have found that plain old alcohol wipes can’t kill because of it’s resistance to alcohol. Be safe, feel safe ONLY USE PIPE SWIPES – Ingredients better found to sanitize & disinfect – NOT JUST ANOTHER ALCOHOL WIPE!

Pipe Swipes Towelettes come in a convenient resealable pack. Great for pipes, vaporizers, medical lounges, E-cig Lounges, hookah bars, and other social settings.

Keep your glass, plastic, and metal clean. Cleans 99.9% of bacteria, maintaining a hygienic setting to enjoy your experience with friends. Dries instantly with no leftover residue or odor.

Contains 15 Count 9” x 8” Size Towelettes per resealable pack

Be clean, be safe, use Pipe Swipes as Needed. Enjoy being social without carrying the same risks

More than the average pipe wipes on the market.  Pipe Swipes – Unique, Convenient & Thorough Sanitizing Swipes!

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