Fix Any Leaking Glycerin Coil

How to Fix any Leaking Glycerin Coil

Fixing Glass Marble and Sealing.

Things you will need:

  • Sand Paper
  • Dish-washing Detergent
  • Clear Glass xpoxy


If the marble is still attached to the leaking coil.

First hold coil firmly in your hand and gently pull or tug on the marble till it comes off. (try to keep the hole facing upwards as not to lose anymore glycerin from the leaking coil.






Once the marble has been removed. Rinse thoroughly with the dish-washing detergent. Rinse both the marble button and the coil in order to remove any leaked glycerin. Failure to completely remove the glycerin or it residue will result in the epoxy not bonding as well. Let Air Dry Completely. Next L ightly sand the back side of the marble to create a roughness for the epoxy to adhere more sturdy to. Next lightly sand the area where glass marble button will be placed. Take your time, be careful not to scratch your Coil tube. Now Repeat the rinsing process to remove any old glue or glass dust. This will improve the adhesion power of the epoxy. Let air dry.






Now gently squeeze a little bit of epoxy and mix it thoroughly place a small thin layer on both the glass marble (sanded side) and the area where it is to be placed on your coil. Let is sit for at least 2 hours for a permanent set. Be careful not to put to much epoxy as it expands when it cures. Wipe epoxy immediately if you spill it anywhere otherwise it is there for a long time.

Now I can finally clean the coil, now that the coil chamber is sealed. Prior to fixing this coil it had an leak that would allow glycerin to leak or other liquids to seep and penetrate into the coil. You can see the 2 step super easy cleaning process to restore this coil back to it’s new stage.