Kush Clean™ info – How to Use Kush Clean

Kush Clean™ info –  How to Use Kush Clean

Creating the best glass  bong / pipe came from experience.

Welcome to Kush Clean, we exist solely to bring you the easiest and best bong & pipe cleaner. We our friends got tired of having really nice intricate super functional but super hard to clean bongs. Alcohol and Salt worked for many of the less functional earlier pieces of our time…. But times have changed and with such intricacies such as 100 hole honeycombs, splash guards and arm percs, 2, 3 or more chambers can become impossible to get the salt in some of the intricate hard to reach areas and because of this the alcohol is pretty much useless in this area without it salt partner.

Over the years we had tried many of the top cleaners… What we found is that most sucked, and only a couple did the job somewhat.. but the price was outrageous. We grew up without money to waste on expensive cleaners.. but back then in the early 90’s water-pipes had more art and slightly less function. It was awesome fumed glass thick but most were merely single chambers with a down-stem and a pullout bowl, Even the double chambers were simple to clean. Those type cleaned pretty well with alcohol and salt, but today’s pieces have gone away from collecting tar (to show the fuming artwork) to a clean functional piece that delivers maximum properly peculated & filtered smoke with smoothness & flavor at it peak and flavonoids pleasantly coating the palate So we had to create a low priced pipe cleaner that beat the others hand over fist! Creating the best pipe cleaner, hand many challenges. Back at the end of 2010, we had finally came up with a non-toxic (when used properly) cleaner. Kush Clean was then born! We had then had to test this formulation vigorously with many materials, styles, and types. After we personally felt quiet confident , that same year we started giving it to close friends. Soon there friends wanted to get some so we sold it to them at cost, just to hear what they thought. They told us they loved us much more than the most well known re-usable cleaner, what they had told us was that our cleaner cleaned. We knew we had a winning product. We steadily kept selling these to friends and until we debut in stores both physical and online. Acquiring these new individual clients allowed us to expand production, invest in manufacturing equipment, advertising, and all the other various costs associated with a newer company hand built from the start. Kush Clean not only had been concentrating on Glass, We also needed Kush Clean to clean a variety of accessories, whether pyrex, glass, ceramic, tile or metal materials with ease. Saving money with Kush Clean comes on your very first purchase.

Some other methods and products that cannot be re-used, are thick or gel-like, some are hard to rinse, some use solvents which contact or breathing fumes can be unhealthy while other leave a sticky stinky film on your hands and sink. That is a thing of the past. The old days are gone, from day one we wanted to design a re-usable cleaner that can be re-used time after time and was easy on our enviroment. This way our clients can save money while still protecting mother earth. Another problem we wanted to overcome was the leftover stinky tacky film left over on our hands from other products and methods. We solved them both with our unique formulation of Kush Clean Bong & Pipe Cleaner. Beware of thick Gel-Like substances that are pain to rinse out, plus how much of that thick goop can you save? Last but not least, we preferred NOT SHAKING a wet $500+ bong with another cleaner that carried solvents & abrasives to do the work. We have many types of friends, some with bongs that are cleaned several times a day! all the way to one who don’t do it but every 2-4 weeks or so (yuck) What we noticed is that the people who did not clean there bong often had never used a simple product like ours. They were used to alcohol and salt and shaking, and claimed cleaning was a task. We set out to change their minds. When they had used our product they left many emails, phone messages and personal comments when we would meet. Kush Clean had transformed the lazier stoners into daily cleaners. How hard is pouring our Kush Clean in, letting it soak, then rinsing thoroughly with warm water. We personally broke a couple decent pieces just testing other products and methods! Other ways were also not the best for the environment and not really re-usable while some not re-usable at all. These inferior methods and products contain additives like salt or silica to abrasively scrub the tar away just to clean it! Over time (200 cleaning later), we had noticed these abrasives taking some of the original brand new luster permanently away from the bongs, they were clean but not pristine anymore and they still had a smoked out of odor to them. Now were talking a $500+ piece of scientific art. We never wanted to disgrace such a piece of work again. So we set out to create this product to handle this need in a non abrasive non shaking method. We DO NOT USE ANY ABRASIVES! You do not even have to shake it, just let it soak a bit longer. We didn’t know anyone who liked the chore of cleaning their bong, so we took the chore out of cleaning. We are proud of Kush Clean – Tars, Resins, and Odors don’t stand a chance! Our cleaner is 100% liquid so it can get into any nook and cranny imaginable.  Our cleaner cleans without the need out shaking or scrubbing, just plug the hole, fill it up and watch the resin drop!

Kush Clean’s extensive prototyping and development of quality niche products for the industry have led us to many great products. Our mission is to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. Our customers’ satisfaction in the quality of our products are our primary concern. We strive to retain the higher quality and lower prices then our competition in the industry. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Compare our products and our prices. Our mission is clear when you compare for yourself. Everyone else claims it. We Deliver it! Review our site, unlike our competition we have more content than just marketing and sales. We care to deliver the best products, upcoming news, lowest prices, and products the competition cannot compete against!

Kush Clean Mission: Customer Satisfaction

Give our product a try. We are sure you will be satisfied with Kush Clean. Once you try it we are confident you will also feel it is the best pipe cleaner ever and refer it to all you friends. Your bong will thank you and wallet will too. our product is the lowest priced cleaner in its category on the market today! Don’ t be fooled by imitations there’s one KUSH CLEAN, make sure to look our for the clean glass bong emerging from the cityscape 🙂

“Experience – the wisdom that enables us to recognise in an undesirable old acquaintance the folly that we have already embraced.” – Ambrose Bierce