Smooth Slide ™

Smooth Slide

Scientific Glass Joint Lube
Smooth Slide

Smooth Slide ™ is a 100% all natural custom wax blend used to protect scientific and other glass joints from breaking, cracking, grinding, sticking or freezing, while providing an airtight seal. Glass on Glass joints are on most of today’s modern water-pipes bubblers, and other fine glass. Glass is all the rage and some glass artists truly due blow amazing glass pieces. Glass on Glass are by far the best because there is no rubber seal to go bad, dismantling & cleaning is a breeze. The major problem we found was that sometimes glass bowls would stick in your down stem or even worse a glass bowl gets stuck in your stemless water-pipe Because Glass on Glass sometimes freezes and becomes stuck, we had broken a couple pieces over the years. So we, the makers of Kush Clean ™ developed Smooth Slide ™ the perfect complement to any Glass on Glass joint .

By rubbing a thin layer of Smooth Slide ™ on you down-stem provides the perfect lube texture to hold you down-stem slide in place while also allowing you to remove that down stem for cleaning every easier that without Smooth Slide ™. By rubbing a generous amount of Smooth Slide ™ on your pullout bowl, pulling out your bowl is smooth allowing the down-stem to stay in place and you to get a perfect hit without fumbling with a stuck piece of glass. Not to mention by using Smooth Slide ™ it provides a better Seal for the Glass on Glass joint forming an air tight seal with ease.

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