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Taste The Kush Clean Bong Clean Difference

Taste The Kush Clean Bong Clean Difference

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Attention Legal Medical Marijuana User’s

Taste The Best Representation of your cannabis flower by cleaning your bong with Kush Clean


Attention Medical Marijuana Users. We are more than happy to announce the development of our product Kush Clean. Born and raised in California, we had an affection to smoking the cleanest, hardest hitting, tastiest herb possible! But taste is held by two parties…. The cultivators strain/growing/curing techniques and… The Cleanliness of the bong or pipe you hit from is just as important as the cultivators experience in growing & curing. Having a clean bong is very important for flavor (if the herb is up to par). Inferior products and methods still leave an odor of smoke left in the piece. With Kush Clean you can smell the clean smell of cleanliness. Removing tars and resins not only drastically improve flavor of your smoke but… When using our exclusive product, you will find it also changes the smell in the room to an clean scent instead of fumes or resin smells. After using Kush Clean the water can finally sit against clean glass or whatever you smoke from. Instead of using inferior products which leave traces of resin or it smell leftover tainting the water and therefore disrupting the flavor your buds taste! In today’s modern Cali there is a booming Medical Marijuana industry that needs to be tended to. Prior to the legal medical marijuana (pre 1996) The scientific approach to marijuana accessories had not been established very well for consumer use. Nowadays there are many scientific glass bong & pipe manufacturers that make high end diffused and peculated bongs, included with these great skilled artists achievements in glass blowing comes an more difficult way to get into the intricate delicate parts of these newer bongs.


Weed-ManGood News – Best Tasting Herb..

– The best tasting herb will always taste best when hit from a bong or pipe that is new or like new. If you enjoy your smoking a nice flavorful strain, and want to taste the most that strain has to offer in terms of flavor on the inhale and exhale than… Choose Kush Clean – A California Product started by people who care about the flavor and ease of use, people who know!

Being raised in the California we had plenty of time to test many herbal samples and many different style pieces We literally focused on the flavor of a persons smoke after cleaning. We realized that inferior pipe cleaningproducts and inferior methods left the bong smelling smoked from still, even if mostly clean, it did not smell fresh or new-like. Often we were unsatisfied with the overall way the others performed as well.

Beware of inferior products!

Most Products that are currently sold are not even made by states that have legal medical marijuana they are made in states where Marijuana is still not allowed, So testing is definitely more difficult ! We have tested Kush Clean on Legal Medical Marijuana Resins & Tars. We have also tested our product on various tobacco products including flavored pipe tobacco, which is all the rage at hookah lounges! We are confident we can Clean your pipe, Bong, Water-pipe or Hookah with simplicity and a clean scent! What could be easier than soaking it in our product and rinsing it with warm water? It’s Easy with No Fuss and No Shaking! Don’t risk shaking and breaking your piece! Kush Clean cleans Pyrex glass, regular glass, ceramic and metal with ease. Just pour Kush Clean inside the item or leave the item soaking in Kush Clean. Kush Clean emulsifies tars and resins on contact! For more information on the Best Way To Use Kush Clean.


Kush Clean can also be used to clean a grower’s utensils like trimming scissors with ease, it will can also easily clean a person’s hands from all the THC after a harvest! So pick up you bottle of Kush Clean today and experience our versatile earth friendly product designed to remove all resins and tars associated with Rx Marijuana.



Leading the Industry!

Leading in the industry in the most effective way to date to clean today’s modern bongs, pipes or hookahs! Our product is Biodegradable and Non Toxic, not to mention lower priced than our competition!

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” – Peter Drucker